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Casting Call for Garden of Joy (TV Shoot)
01 October, 2021
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Celebration of Life – Xiamen, China
13 December, 2019

On 6th and 7th December 2019, The Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla once again brought a wave of excitement and thrill to audiences in China. This time, Gateway Entertainment brought Celebration of Life to the seaside city of Xiamen, featuring three spectacular shows that were put up at the Banlam Grand Theatre with a seating capacity of 1,497 people.

Celebration of Hope - National Stadium, Singapore
25 May, 2019

Gateway Entertainment had the privilege of being part of Celebration of Hope from 17th to 19th May 2019 at the National Stadium, playing an important role in the planning and executing of the finale—the English Rally on Sunday night. The final rally had a live audience of more than 40,000 people, and a livestream which garnered more than 100,000 unique viewers.