Senior Audio Engineer

Job Purpose

To lead and execute with a team of audio techs to set up, operate, and maintain the technical audio equipment and inventories; used to enhance live sound events, and in-house or out-bound recording productions.

The individual should harness certain level of field experience in audio mixing and productions, and should be able to employ a range of industries’ relevant equipment, skill sets, tools and software to fulfill the company’s audio production and technical needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

Using leadership skills, field experience/expertise and teamwork skills, the Senior Audio Engineer will be required to lead, plan, support and facilitate audio set-ups and productions within the company’s umbrella of operatives.

These include small to large-scale productions, both theatrical and conferences, mixing for bands, talk shows, recording productions and teaching seminars.

The individual will also be required to supervise, teach and troubleshoot workflow and technical faults from time to time so that the team can execute seamless audio productions, which can include editing and mastering on audio interfaces and software, as well as system patching and troubleshooting audio systems, all within the scope of audio productions.

The individual will also be accountable for the department’s inventory management, maintaining the equipment’s operationality, and making sensible financial decisions that will benefit the company, and as part of business continuity process.

The individual will be required to have a high level of knowledge and skill sets to handle equipment such as microphones, recorders, live sound consoles, field mixers and audio peripherals, and audio software. The individual must be able to comprehend and draw audio technical schematics. Working in a team, he/she must be able to support fellow colleagues and superiors as a team player and leader through accountability and effective communication.

As a Senior Audio Engineer, he/she will need to support the head of department and superiors in planning riders, assigning tasks and supervision of junior staff that report to him/her. As such, the individual should possess office software skills, for documentation and email communication.


  • Diploma in Sound or Electrical Engineering (or any other engineering or technical fields preferred)
  • Professional Certification in any audio field

To apply, download application form and email the completed form together with a comprehensive CV (attached with a recent photo) to:

All applications will be kept in strict confidence. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.