Community Projects

The community programmes of Gateway Entertainment are founded on the idea that magic can make a difference to people's lives. 

Lawrence and Priscilla both understand that magic is an empowering and powerful tool. Learning magic, they believe, builds confidence and self-esteem. And because magic is a universal communication tool that is able to transcend all cultural and generational barriers, it is the perfect instrument for individuals seeking to give back to their community. 

Driven by this conviction, Gateway Entertainment has created several social programmes over the years. They include Project SMILEMagic Circle of Lawrence and Priscilla, and a school Arts Education Programme

Before I did magic, I was in a shell. I shielded myself against people. But after I was given the opportunity to shine and be myself on stage, I grew to be more confident. I learn to express myself."
Chia Shing Kai, 23, Project SMILE trainer, Project SMILE graduate
Magic Circle allows people from different walks of life to come together to explore the mysteries of magic and to hone their craft. And they bring smiles to the faces of many people all over the world and inspire others to take up magic. Magic Circle is a dream come true for me!"
Priscilla Khong, Creative Director, Gateway Entertainment
I have personally witnessed the joy and confidence exuded by students when they perform in front of an audience at the end of a three-day Project SMILE camp. I believe Project SMILE ignites the passion of young people not only in magic but also in the performing arts and culture and unleash their potential in these areas. Someday, I hope, all schools would have performing magic as one of the core subjects in the GCE O levels curriculum."
Lawrence Khong, Founding Chairman, Gateway Entertainment

In 2010, Gateway Entertainment celebrated its 10th anniversary by launching a partnership with Hougang Secondary School, by refurbishing the school's multipurpose halls, where most of the school's events and arts and cultural performances are held.