Arts Education Programme (AEP)

Gateway Entertainment believes theatre to be a great educator of life's lessons and a tremendous character builder. 

In 2010, Gateway Education decided to live its conviction by introducing an arts education programme to schools. 

The arts education programme introduces students to the various theatrical elements that make up theatre, including acting, staging, blocking, props, lights, sounds, costumes and illusions. At the end of the eight-session programme, students stage a performance to showcase all that they have learned. 

The course is designed to enrich the students' appreciation of drama and allow them to gain a clearer understanding of theatre. It is also shaped to help students gain confidence through public performances and learning how to work in a team. 

Endorsed by the National Arts Council, schools can apply for funding for this programme under NAC-AEP, a scheme that allows schools to purchase programmes from a database of specially selected arts education programmes by professional artists and arts groups. This scheme seeks to encourage the development of a vibrant arts culture in schools and to provide students access to a broad-based arts education.