Corporate/school magic training

We passionately believe in the transformational powers of magic. That is why we createdProject SMILE and our Arts Education Programme for schools and corporations. 

Project SMILE is unique in combining the study of magic with service to the community. A core objective of Project SMILE is inspiring those interested in learning magic to use the art to bring joy to the less fortunate in society. Three schools to date have integrated Project SMILE into their schools programmes to provide their students with the necessary skill to serve their community. Meanwhile, many corporations have found Project SMILE to be a powerful vehicle to drive their corporate social responsibility initiatives and team building efforts. 

Our arts education programme introduces students to the various theatrical elements that make up theatre, including acting, staging, blocking, props, lights, sounds, costumes and illusions. The course is designed to enrich the students’ appreciation of drama and allow them to gain a clearer understanding of theatre. It is also shaped to help students gain confidence through public performances and learning how to work in a team.