Movie productions

A leading producer of feature films and telemovies, Gateway Entertainment has produced 22 movies for both the big screen and for television that have been enjoyed by audiences worldwide. 

Our productions have been commercial successes, having been bought by broadcasters across the globe. Mauritius' Pyramid Entertainment Exports bought the rights to air four Gateway Entertainment movies - Angel HeartNot Too LateThe Gift and Twilight Kitchen - to an audience of 480,000. StarHub Cable Vision, a cable television operator in Singapore, bought the rights to broadcast Angel Heart and Twilight Kitchen in Singapore. And Good TV, a Taiwan Satellite TV station, bought the rights to broadcast Ordinary Man Extraordinary Life and four episodes of Time for Hope in Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

Gateway Entertainment has also co-produced many productions with international partners. These rewarding ventures allow both parties to gain access to more markets and enrich the final creative output. 

With our unique understanding of the cultures of both the east and the west, strategic location within Asia, exceptionally experienced production team, and creative depth, we are an ideal partner when it comes to bringing a movie project from script to the big screen or onto television. 

Some of our productions.


A Magician's Story (based on a real-life story) - in production.



Ordinary Man Extraordinary Life




Angel Heart
Not Too Late!
Full Month
Jesus Is My BOSS!
The Starting Point


Gateway Entertainment produces quality movies that entertain, inspire, thrill and, often, spark discussion. Many of Gateway Entertainment's movies have been co-produced with Singapore's national agencies for the purpose of bridging communities, building family values and raising awareness on critical social issues such as teen gangs, or as a form of advocacy, for instance to support the cause of ex-convicts' reintegration into society. 

 Lawrence And Priscilla's World of Magic (Hollywood)
 Twilight Kitchen
 Angel Heart
 Not Too Late!
 Full Month
 The Gift
 Jesus Is My BOSS!
 After School
 The Starting Point


Gateway Entertainment has a reputation for producing top notch television series that speak to young and adult audiences alike. Many revolve around the theme of navigating through the shifting values and mores of today's world. Intellectually provocative, uplifting and educational, they have been picked up by broadcasters that focus on airing quality TV, including GoodTV of Taiwan. 

 Miracle Pub
- Miracle Pub: Addiction
- Miracle Pub: The Fighter
- Miracle Pub: Blind Love
- Miracle Pub: Letting Go
- Miracle Pub: Loving the Enemy

Time for Hope is a collection of four series of inspirational dramas addressing the different struggles individuals face throughout life.

Release info
- All four series of Time For Hope were commissioned in 2004 by GoodTV in Taiwan and aired on GoodTV since 2004 to date.
- The series were released to the Singapore Churches for local screenings in 2004 
- The series was and aired on Hong Kong's Creation TV since 2008 to date.

 TIME FOR HOPE - Getting Out of Life's Tricky Situations
 TIME FOR HOPE - Love And Lust
 TIME FOR HOPE - Staying Fresh In Your Golden Years
 TIME FOR HOPE - A Self-image That Lasts