98 Young Idealists Linked Hands In Chengdu, China, For Qian Qian Shou 2012

17 July, 2012

For 98 young people, 17 Jul 2012 was an important date - it marked the fulfillment of a dream to serve their community and to grow from the experience.

The 98 were participants in Qian Qian Shou 2012. They comprised students from Chengdu University of Information Technology and youth volunteers from Singapore. Under the joint project by TOUCH Community Services International and Chengdu University of Information Technology, the young people worked hard for one week serving autistic children, disadvantaged youths and families and the elderly in Sichuan.

Chairman of Gateway Entertainment Lawrence Khong and Creative Director Of Gateway Entertainment Priscilla Khong took an active role in Qian Qian Shou 2012. Not only did they stage a spectacular magic performance for more than 150 residents in the community, they brought Qian Qian Shou 2012 to an exciting close with another magic performance.

For the participants, the rewards of Qian Qian Shou 2012 were lasting and meaningful. They included the friendships formed, the smiles from those they served and the hearts and lives touched.

Articulated Rao Hua, Secretary of Youth League Committee, Chengdu University of Information Technology, “I’m delighted to witness the impact Qian Qian Shou has on our students. They’ve not only experienced cultural difference and learned new concepts in serving the community but also developed international friendship with the Singapore youths! This experience is very precious to us.”

Qian Qian Shou 2012 takes Gateway Entertainment one step closer to realising a dream: To see 1,000 pairs of Singapore and Chinese hands serving different people in different parts of China.

I heard excellent feedback from the students and I saw the great effort and hard work put in by the working committee. Qian Qian Shou is a success because TOUCH has a great team!”
Dai Xi
Head of Social Work Department, Culture and Arts College
Chengdu University of Information Technology
I used to be someone who will not easily give affirmative remarks to people. However, since becoming a part of Qian Qian Shou, I’ve learned to be more encouraging with my words as I saw the power of affirmation.”
Zhang Tingfeng
Student, Chengdu University of Information Technology
Qian Qian Shou strongly affirmed my aspiration to serve as a social worker in the future. Initially I did wonder if doing social work was for me. However, Qian Qian Shou made me realise how much joy and purpose I find in loving people. I know that social work would give me opportunities to do that every day. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”
Pamelyn Tan
Youth volunteer from Singapore