Celebration of Hope - National Stadium, Singapore

25 May, 2019

Gateway Entertainment had the privilege of being part of Celebration of Hope from 17th to 19th May 2019 at the National Stadium, playing an important role in the planning and executing of the finale—the English Rally on Sunday night. The final rally had a live audience of more than 40,000 people, and a livestream which garnered more than 100,000 unique viewers. Working together with 226 other churches and marketplace organisations and with the help of more than 17,000 volunteers over a period of 2.5 years of planning, Gateway Entertainment’s efforts finally paid off, with the historic event successfully staged last weekend.

Gateway Entertainment played an integral role in recruiting performers and technical crew, and assisting with the running of the English Rally. Gateway’s very own dancers and magicians, Lawrence and Priscilla, performed three fascinating magic acts at the event, displaying a combination of classic magic tricks such as the Flambe appearance and Torch Box, and new illusions such as the Fusion act and the Jaws of Death. A signature trick from their touring show, the Lightbulb Illusion, was also featured, illustrating the human need for light, truth and God.

The planning team also arranged for a remarkable line-up of speakers and activities that flowed smoothly throughout the course of the rally. The night’s events officially began with a speech by Bishop Rennis Ponniah and included appearances by local celebrities such as Li Nanxing and Noah Yap. The stars shared personal stories of how they found faith and of their journeys of personal transformation. Their familiarity to audiences made their testimonies more relatable, and the honesty and vulnerability of their sharing made their stories all the more powerful.

The programme was interspersed with various performances by local singers Isaac Ong, Annette Lee and Olivia Ong, together with the band from FCBC (Faith Community Baptist Church). Gateway Entertainment’s decades of experience in the arts allowed for the effective planning and execution of a successful show that was well curated, greatly entertaining and with technical operations that ran without a hitch. Celebration of Hope was an extremely significant milestone for the Church in Singapore, and provided Gateway Entertainment with the opportunity to perform to its largest single audience ever.