Celebration of Life – Xiamen, China

13 December, 2019

On 6th and 7th December 2019, The Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla once again brought a wave of excitement and thrill to audiences in China. This time, Gateway Entertainment brought Celebration of Life to the seaside city of Xiamen, featuring three spectacular shows that were put up at the Banlam Grand Theatre with a seating capacity of 1,497 people.

In the weeks before the show’s opening, Lawrence had performed a series of smaller acts around the city. This included an outdoor performance where he made it snow right before the audience’s eyes. The snow came down all around the square in which the stage was set up, enthralling a captivated crowd unfamiliar to snow in this typically sunny southern city. The campaign proved to be a success, with tickets selling out completely.

The opening show witnessed a positive response from the audience, with a turnout of 1,097 people out of the 1,342 tickets sold. The excitement began to brew even during the pre-show segment, and fans rushed to queue for photos and autographs with Lawrence and Priscilla after the show. A major highlight to the performance would be the light bulb illusion that captured the attention of the audience with their nods of approval and gasps of disbelief at the magic before their eyes. Amazingly, the next two shows had even better turnouts with 1,202 people and 1,245 people for the matinee and final show respectively. For the first time ever, the final show was also broadcast live on Sina Xiamen’s Weibo channel with 219,000 views recorded.

The conclusion of Celebration of Life 2019 in Xiamen marked a great conclusion to a fruitful year. In 2020, Celebration of Life will be expected to make its debut in the land of the rising sun.