Christmas Magic in Taiwan - Show 1

28 November, 2013

They came as early as an hour before the show – braving the chilly Taipei evening to stand patiently in front of the main doors, waiting for them to open. "We took an hour's bus ride to get here," said Ms Fan, who had her hands full keeping her five-year old daughter's excitement in check. "My daughter really loves magic, and this is really a treat for her!"

For the many we spoke to who came to witness the debut of Christmas Magic in Taiwan, the evening could have never been more magical. Such an elaborate and unique presentation of magic, music and dance has never graced Taiwan's shores – and for many, it was an eye-opening experience that would not be easily forgotten.

It didn't take long for the crowd of 3,800 to pack the hall, and seats were quickly filled as the anticipation started to build. Adding to this heady mix of excitement were roving magicians from a local secondary school magic club who delighted various sections of the crowd with their own flavour of simple close-up magic.

By the time the master magicians appeared out of their signature 'Flaming Box' and stepped on stage, the applause from the crowd was deafening. Expressing their appreciation and awe after every illusion, the Taiwanese crowd were anything but shy when it came to vocalising their approval of the visual extravaganza unfolding before their eyes.

Both Lawrence and Priscilla were in top form, once again showcasing their extraordinary skills in the elaborate art form of magic. Illusions were breath-taking as ever, with Lawrence effortlessly weaving the magic together with the Christmas theme of faith, hope and love. Making its special debut at this production of Christmas Magic in Taiwan was 'Clearly Impossible' – an incredible new twist to the classic illusion of 'sawing' a person in half. Staying true to his signature trademark of pushing his brand of magic one step further, Lawrence opted for a clear casing that covered the person, giving the audience an unobstructed view when the 'separation' took place. This illusion drew the most gasps and applause from the audience.

As Lawrence closed the evening by performing the final illusion to share on love, the crowd realised that the magic was just one segment of the evening – and they were in a special moment of their lives that could change them forever.

Taiwanese entertainment celebrity, Wells Chin, who was in attendance, summed it nicely: "The illusions were spectacular! But for me, the most memorable part of the show was when Pastor Lawrence used such a simple yet powerful magic trick to illustrate the 'magic' that happens when you experience true love. It was moving and truly unforgettable! Zhen Hao!"