Christmas Magic in Taiwan - Show 2

29 November, 2013

As the popular adage goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." And in the case of Christmas Magic's second evening at the National Taiwan University Sports Centre, it couldn't have been said better. The scene of crowds of eager Taiwanese once again gathering outside the doors - ready and anxious to begin their evening of enchantment was both inspiring and heart-warming.

Taking advantage of the start of the weekend, it was the younger generation and families that seemed to make up the majority of the crowd, compared to the previous evening. Arriving in strong numbers were the teens and young adults who opted to spend the evening indulging in a very different form of Friday night entertainment. "I was supposed to go out partying all night with my friends as we just finished our exams," confessed 19-year old Chin Wei. "But my girlfriend begged me to come watch this show with her... and I'm glad I did!"

The crowd was exceptionally responsive and enthusiastic throughout the evening - constantly expressing their awe at Lawrence and Priscilla's mastery of their craft. As expected, the duo's signature 'Double Levitation' and 'Clearly Impossible' drew the loudest gasps and applause from the audience. Among them was Taiwanese starlet Sharon Lee who told us after the show that she was overwhelmed by the values behind the production and illusions. "Being in the entertainment industry, I've seen and been a part of many productions. To be honest, I came expecting the usual magic performance, but never expected to see a show like this, with so much depth and meaning - both in the magic and the message!"

To date, Christmas Magic has been performed to 6,350 people in Taiwan. The magic continues tonight as Lawrence and Priscilla take the stage once again for the show's third performance.

Did You Know?

Each illusion in Christmas Magic has its own unique signature choreographed move and sequence. It has to be executed perfectly and in union by not only the dancers, but by Lawrence and Priscilla as well. An ill-timed move can ruin the illusion, and put the master illusionists at risk!