Christmas Magic in Taiwan - Show 3

30 November, 2013

A full sold-out house - in the world of arts and theatre, it is a sight that you would want to behold and savour as you head on stage. For Lawrence and Priscilla, and the entire Gateway Entertainment team, it was a scene that once again affirmed that Christmas Magic is a product and labour of love that can, and will, draw the multitudes.

From the ground level right to the last bench at the top bleachers, the entire stadium was quickly filled as the crowds filled every seat in the stadium. Extra rows at all sides and the top bleachers were created to house the numbers, and extra ushers were deployed to quickly help the guests find their seats. Just 10 minutes before the start of the show, it still seemed as though there were not enough seats for the crowds that were steadily streaming in.

As with the earlier two shows, the evening's audience was a good mix of families, children, youths and adults - all eager to witness a world-class production in the heart of Taipei. Among the many in attendance was Abraham Ku, the Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Taipei - home to many Taiwanese celebrities including Jay Chou, who applauded and cheered after every illusion throughout the evening. He later explained, "I was having such a good time and couldn't believe what was happening before my eyes! I was sitting right in front which made the magic more amazing!"

Getting even closer to the magic was Taiwanese Entrepreneur and Executive Director of Overseas Radio & Television Inc, Dr Simon Hung, who was brought on stage by Priscilla to be part of the ever-entertaining 'Head Chopper' illusion. Being a true sport, he offered 'his head for the chopping block' - all in the name of good fun and of course, magic.

At the end of the evening, what was most meaningful was seeing the multitudes witness the true magic of Christmas - through Christmas Magic.