Christmas Magic in Taiwan - Show 4

01 December, 2013

For the past four days, Gateway Entertainment's Christmas Magic enthralled thousands of Taiwanese who flocked to experience a very different kind of performance. Maybe it was the fact that this was the first time that such a unique production made its way to Taipei's shores - or maybe it was just because word spread like wildfire that the performance of an award-winning illusionist, that made the turnout simply... magical. "My friends told me not to miss this show, no matter what," laughed Taiwanese celebrity Da Ming at the post-show interview. "They even offered to buy me a ticket. I ended up coming with my whole family!"

It was not just celebrities who enjoyed soaking up the magic and meaning behind Christmas Magic. Making a unified strong stand behind Lawrence and his vision for Gateway Entertainment was the Christian community and Senior Pastors of Taiwan. Hailing from different Christian denominations, the senior leaders and elders of the Taiwanese churches rallied together to publicise and bring in the Taiwanese masses to witness Christmas Magic.

After the performance, Lawrence and Nina caught up with the Senior Pastors of Taiwan from various denominations and Taiwanese celebrities, who came for Christmas Magic. The session ended with Lawrence and Nina declaring that Christmas Magic will continue to bring its message of Faith, Hope and Love as it heads to spread the magic and wonder of Christmas at its next destination... Hong Kong.