Life Of Lawrence Khong Inspires Hong Kong Movie

17 September, 2012 to 24 September, 2012

In September, Creation TV crew came to Singapore to film the script that chronicles, without flinching or whitewashing, Lawrence's pain as he had to deal with Priscilla's single motherhood and the controversy that arose from the pregnancy because Lawrence is a senior pastor of a church, the reconciliation between father and daughter as well as the church's eventual sanction of the situation.

The movie stars Hong Kong veteran actor Jiang Hua as Lawrence, award-winning Malaysian actress Jane Wong as his daughter Priscilla and veteran Hong Kong actress Kung Ci En as Lawrence's wife - Nina Khong. Both Lawrence and Priscilla made guest appearances in the movie. Besides Singapore, filming also took place in Hong Kong and China.

The movie is scheduled to air in December 2012 over Creation TV.