Magic Warehouse Bazaar 2015

07 March, 2015

Mention the word ‘bazaar’, and the first image that comes to mind myriad of noisy merchants selling their wares in a kaleidoscope sight and sound. And when it comes to Gateway Entertainment’s magic bazaar, it’s certainly no different. This year’s bazaar saw yet another colourful turn-out of new and familiar friends who spent the better part of the day showcasing their magic wares and their love of all things magic. From the simple to the intricate - the cute to the bizarre, the event was a showcase that truly showed there is really no limits to creativity when it comes to the art of magic.

But to call Gateway Entertainment’s Magic Bazaar a mish-mash of all things magic is an understatement. As with all things Gateway Entertainment, what the naked eye sees is just only the beginning. Besides being just a hub for magic aficionados and fans to display and sell their wares, the Magic Bazaar has established itself as a bustling rendezvous for those keen to learn and grow their craft.

Dubbed, ‘Secret Sessions’, this year saw three masters take centre stage in a different setting to share the ‘in and outs’ and know-hows of the craft. From techniques, stagecraft and even presentation skills, fans had the opportunity to not only get up close and personal with the pros, but also have priceless moments to exchange ideas and share personal journeys in the field of magic. Always eager to meet and catch up with members of the magic fraternity, Gateway Entertainment’s founder and award winning illusionist Lawrence Khong was also on hand to share his candid insightful learnings from the timeless ‘Cups & Balls’ trick, and elaborate on how to increase one’s stage presence. 

It’s hard to explain - but it’s just something about magic that always brings people together. Be it curiosity, fasciation or passion, there’s always a reason to lose yourself and be enthralled by it. As the famous fantasy writer Terry Pratchett puts it, ‘It’s still magic…even if you know how it’s done.’