Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla @ New Taipei City, Taiwan

23 December, 2013 to 24 December, 2013

Lawrence and Priscilla makes a magnificent appearance

True to the popular Chinese saying that “good things come in pairs”, Gateway Entertainment’s (GE) performance on the second leg of their tour of Taipei was received with both anticipation and excitement by the holiday crowds. Hot on the heels of Christmas Magic’s stunning debut just three weeks earlier at the National Taiwan University Sports Centre, both Lawrence and Priscilla once again mesmerised the crowds at New Taipei City who braved the rain and cold temperatures to witness the award-winning illusionists in action.

Crowds entranced and absorbed by the spectacular illusions performed before their very eyes

Lawrence and Priscilla in the midst of performing the crowd-favourite 'The Eclipse'

Lawrence confidently manages the thrilling 'Fire Spiker' illusion

For the masses that already witnessed the magic and enhancement of Christmas Magic, this encore performance was an additional visual treat that was a fitting dramatic flourish to conclude the tour. Making their debut in Taiwan were illusions like “The Three Bumps”, “Eclipse” and the visually powerful “Fire Spiker” that were not part of Christmas Magic’s list of illusions - much to the delight of the crowd.

Crowds waiting with umbrellas under the rain just to see the performance of the Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla

Proving that both weather and scale were not factors affecting a world class performance, both Lawrence and Priscilla once again exemplified the strength and capability of GE of being able to mount a performance regardless of size or location. This performance at New Taipei City is the first time a Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla production is mounted in an outdoor arena where every move can be clearly seen by the audience. A performance under such conditions tests the adaptability and skills of not only the stars but also the cast and crew.

Lawrence and Priscilla makes their debut

Making the performance even more challenging was it being streamed ‘live’ on a programme in Taipei. Although Lawrence and Priscilla were no strangers to ‘live television’ - having coming off fresh from another ‘live’ performance with The Magic Nova in Hong Kong, there was no denying that performing under such conditions takes nerves of steel, and of course, years of honing the craft to perfection.

The crowds were enchanted and thrilled by the mind-blowing illusions, and many pulled out their cameras and mobile phones to capture the moment. One of whom was Zheng Rui Jun, a resident of New Taipei City. Weeks ago, when Christmas Magic was showing at the National Taiwan University Sports Centre in Taipei, she travelled to Taipei just to see the performance of Lawrence and Priscilla. Now that the Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla was right in her hometown, she joyously said, “Pastor Lawrence and Priscilla’s magic performance is truly great. Each time I see their illusions, I never stop being amazed!”