The Magic Nova: Christmas Magic in Hong Kong - Day 1

13 December, 2013

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a "nova" is defined as "a star that suddenly increases its light output tremendously". These "exploding stars" are able to temporarily increase their luminosity from several thousand times to as much as a million times of their original level. So when The Media Evangelism Limited (TME) titled Christmas Magic "The Magic Nova", the single question on many minds was why use an analogy of an exploding star as the name for a presentation about faith, hope and love?

Lawrence with Andrew Yuen, Executive Director of TME

"We wanted to use suitable object or image that represents the Christmas story and what the shepherds saw that magical night in Bethlehem," said Andrew Yuen, Executive Director of TME. "Imagine looking up to the sky and seeing this glorious new star in the heavens. It was a sign, a proclamation - 'exploding' for the world to see!"

Senior Pastor Nina and Andrew Yuen, Executive Director of TME, with guests of The Magic Nova

Presenting Christmas Magic as The Magic Nova in Hong Kong by TME could not have been more apt. After all, TME has been instrumental in organising and producing evangelistic events and programmes. Similar to Gateway Entertainment, TME has dedicated itself to enhance the moral and spiritual fabric of society through creative media. When the company learned about Lawrence's talents and Christmas Magic, TME jumped on the idea immediately.

Interactive picture walls and booths to keep the guests who arrived early entertained

Interactive picture walls and booths to keep the guests who arrived early entertained

Positioned and marketed to Hong Kong as a world-class commercial event, TME spared no effort to ensure The Magic Nova's debut in Hong Kong received the attention and 'buzz' it deserved from the sophisticated media and entertainment savvy Hong Kong crowd. In typical Hong Kong showbiz fashion, the main entrance of the exhibition hall had all the trappings of a grand gala premiere, with a variety of booths and interactive picture walls to catch the crowds before they entered the performance hall. There was even a unique 'floating' 3D picture wall which set the stage for the excited guests who streamed in as early as an hour before the show.

Lawrence and his grandson, Isaac, wow the crowds with their mesmerising illusion of snow

Both Lawrence and Priscilla were in top form for the opening night, with both master illusionists once again giving a stellar performance. Every move by the performers and dancers was executed with precision, without a single misstep. Lawrence seemed especially comfortable and in his element with his mother tongue, delivering his lines in flawless Cantonese. Kudos to Priscilla, and even little Isaac, who spent a fair bit of time mastering and eventually, overcoming the language. "I just kept thinking about my lines throughout the performance!" laughed Priscilla. "I really meant what I said when I told the audience to 'please excuse my Cantonese'!"

Lawrence and Priscilla perform the 'Head Chopper' and 'Double Levitation' illusions

By the end of the evening, it was the lush stage craft and production of this world class production that 'magically' smothered away the tint of not-so-perfect language. As always, the illusions and artistic manipulation of Lawrence's craft were well received by the audience who took a while to let their wonderment be audibly heard. But this wasn't the case by the time the 'Head Chopper' and 'Double Levitation' illusions were performed.

Kimmi Lai, jeweller and former international model, expressing her thoughts on The Magic Nova post-show

Lawrence, Priscilla and the cast of The Magic Nova give a curtain call

By the end of the show, it was evident that many were touched by the true meaning, and yes, magic of Christmas!