The Magic Nova: Christmas Magic in Hong Kong - Day 2

14 December, 2013

Lawrence being interviewed by Creation TV

If you ask Lawrence why he loves performing magic, the answer you'll hear will be, "Seeing the child-like look of total wonderment on people's faces when they see something that defies all logic and reason."

Children and teenagers made up the bulk of guests at The Magic Nova's second day in Hong Kong

For more than 10 years, this fascination and joy has kept Lawrence and the Gateway Entertainment team going - and the crowds coming. And in the case of the second showing of The Magic Nova here at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong, this child-like wonderment swelled even greater as families with young children flocked to spend an afternoon being enchanted by the Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla. As with the first show, the crowds were thick with anticipation and it was another fully sold-out show that was packed with excited children and yes, adults as well.

Since Christmas Magic began its Asian tour in Taiwan and moved here to Hong Kong, we noticed similarities and differences in audience behaviour in each country. For example, in Taiwan, the crowds were extremely responsive right from the start of the performance till the end when the altar call was given. It almost seemed the Taiwanese weren't shy and more than happy to show their wonderment and awe, and took joy in vocalising their delight at what they were seeing. The picture here in Hong Kong is slightly different. We observed a majority of the audience were generally more reserved, and while every illusion did receive strong favourable applause, the vocal approvals seemed to come from various pockets of audiences scattered throughout the stadium.

Applause and approvals aside, the common thread tying these two countries together was the response from the children. At all performances, it was no surprise that the adults were expecting to be entertained and delighted. On the other hand, it was the children, especially the older ones, who sat in perpetual rapt attention with furrowed brows - trying to unravel the mystery of how the illusion was done. "It's all about expectations," explained Nina who was happy to draw from her medical experience to shed light on this curious and often overlooked behaviour in children. "Babies and young children don't really care or expect that Lawrence made Priscilla fly. But older children need to expect that something isn't 'right' - which results in curiosity setting in when this expectation is broken."

Alkie Yung, Managing Director of Swisscoat, shared on the message of The Magic Nova post-show

Besides the timeless Christmas message of faith, hope and love, the consistent feedback that we have received about the show was its ability to impart the simple message of having child-like faith and yes, wonderment, to the multitudes here in Hong Kong. Alkie Yung, Managing Director of company Swisscoat - the presenting sponsor of the show, sums it up well: "For me, the message was the magic of the show. Tonight, I witnessed how magic can help us see the world in a constant state of awe with a pure heart and simple faith!"