The Magic Nova: Christmas Magic in Hong Kong - Day 3

15 December, 2013

Crowds mesmerised by the performances

Gateway Entertainment's unprecedented tour of Hong Kong came to a grand close with The Magic Nova's final performance this past Sunday at the Asia Word Expo. As with the past three performances, the show was fully sold - with every seat of the hall filled with eager families and their children, couples and youths who paid top dollar to witness a world class production by Singapore's very own award winning illusionists. To top it off, this final performance of the show gave Gateway Entertainment another historic milestone as it was broadcasted 'live' on Creation TV in Hong Kong.

It was a strong and focused last performance, with both the lead stars, dancers and crew putting their best foot forward to end off the show's run in grand fashion. Kudos to Lawrence who, as always, was in his element throughout the evening and showed his professionalism when he encountered a technical hiccup during the 'Split Personality' illusion. Halfway through the illusion, one of the doors of the prop got stuck which prevented 'splitting' the assistant in the box into two. Without missing a beat, Lawrence calmly walked over to the jammed door and with a huge smile, released it and completed the illusion as if it were all part of the presentation. "This goes to show that in a production of this scale and complexity, where there are so many elements like music, dance and dialogue going on, anything can happen," said Lawrence after the show. "Things that you least expect to crop up usually will, and your stage presence is judged on your ability to deal with the problem without the audience realising something is wrong in the first place."

Lawrence and Nina, and Priscilla at the post-show press conference

Lawrence and Nina, Priscilla and Andrew Yuen, Executive Director of TME, and Hong Kong's stars at the post-show press conference

Even if they did realise that something was not quite right, the positive response from the audience kept the mood and energy of the show at peak levels. This 'buzz' spilled over to the post-show press conference where Lawrence, Nina and Priscilla, faced a mob of enthusiastic media and fans. In a scene that resembled a high profile Hong Kong red carpet movie launch, the stars of the show posed with iconic Hong Kong celebrities and fielded questions from the media who took advantage of the star-studded occasion to get their exclusive big scoop of the event.

Andrew Yuen, Executive Director of TME, with veteran Hong Kong actress, Nancy Sit

"I simply loved the show!" gushed veteran Hong Kong actress, Nancy Sit, who was one of the delighted celebrities gracing the event. "The production was wonderful and I'm very happy Lawrence Khong came to Hong Kong to stage this incredible show that has such a wonderful message."

The picture of a sea of novas at The Magic Nova

The stars did come out to attend the final night of the show, but for Lawrence, Nina and the entire Gateway Entertainment team, it was the audience who responded to the message of The Magic Nova that were the 'stars' that evening. Yes, The Magic Nova is about that one brilliant star that glorious Christmas night. But here, on this final night of bringing the message of Faith, Hope and Love to the nation of Hong Kong, it will be these new 'novas' that will carry and continue that light - now and for future generations to come.