The Magic Nova: Christmas Magic in Hong Kong Report

12 December, 2013

Hong Kong - home to over seven million people and one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Synonymous with silver screen legends and award winning movies, it is not only home to one of the largest and most dynamic film and entertainment industries, but also one of the world's largest media content exporters. In per capita production, the country's film and entertainment industry ranks first in Asia and over the years has garnered international recognition and nods of respect - even from Hollywood big-wigs. The Hong Kong theatre scene is extremely active and nothing to sniff at either - with glitzy art festivals annually showcasing cutting edge theatre groups and productions that see big time collaborations between local performers and renowned international artistes.

Despite being the newcomer in the arena of giants, Gateway Entertainment's Christmas Magic unprecedented debut here in this bustling entertainment hub has created quite a stir and has been greeted with enthusiasm and buzz - a perfect prelude to Lawrence's mission to establish and grow GE's presence in this region. For the past several months, promotional and publicity efforts by the show's partner and main organiser in Hong Kong - The Media Evangelism Group, did keep anticipation and interest for this magical extravaganza at fever pitch by the time Lawrence and Nina and the Gateway team arrived in Hong Kong.

On Wednesday, a truly divine intervention saw both Lawrence and Nina being invited as VIP celebrities to an exclusive media launch of a new TV series by Hong Kong broadcaster Asian United Broadcasting - a leading innovative media station that leverages on new media to merge traditional TV with the latest mobile technologies and trends. The event saw the movers and shakers of Asia's broadcast industry arrive en masse to mark the occasion, network and of course, to be seen. Word had already got around that an award winning illusionist was present at the event, making them both celebrities and giving them the excellent opportunity to connect with these industry leaders who were eager to meet them. More importantly, both Lawrence and Nina used the star-studded occasion to position Gateway Entertainment and Christmas Magic at a higher level - besides enjoying an evening of world-class illusion and entertainment.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the island, set-up and rehearsals for the show were in full swing at Hong Kong's Asia World Expo. A much larger venue compared to Taiwan's University Sports Centre where Christmas Magic was staged just two weeks earlier, Asia World Expo's halls have a maximum seating of 5,900. However, the stage for this showing of Christmas Magic is bigger and longer which gives more room for movement and prop manipulation. The hall's overall structure and acoustics also complemented the production's music and soundscape, making it more lush and balanced. Another notable difference was the lighting design that seemed richer and more vibrant - bringing out the character and essence of the illusions like never before. Even the props and costumes took on a surreal life of their own as rehearsals went late into the night.

As final details and checks were made for the evening, it seemed evident to everyone that this production, like VISION, has reached a new level of technical and artistic brilliance that everyone can be proud of. The only thing left now is to show it off to a sophisticated audience - hungry for world-class entertainment...