Magic Warehouse: SG Magic

19 April, 2015

There’s always room and a reason to be enthralled by magic – especially when it comes to celebrating something big. So it just seemed fitting that in line with the festivities and buzz to celebrate our nation’s Silver Jubilee, Gateway Entertainment (GE) 3rd Magic Warehouse event in April was aptly called SG Magic.

In true GE fashion, the event held true that the ‘third time is a charm.’ And to say this was yet another Magic Warehouse event was certainly a gross understatement. Besides drawing friends and fans of magic, this third showing of the Magic Warehouse was a showcase of Singapore’s best magic talents that have graced the spotlight – both past and present. From Patrick who gave new meaning of ‘a blast from the past’ with his ventriloquist act, to local boy wonder Jeremy Pei and the dynamite duo of Lawrence and Priscilla who headlined with a gala variety show, the event was certainly the perfect way to pay tribute to our nation on its historic milestone. Seeing so many magic acts being showcased back-to-back almost left one breathless and even a little dazed at the end - with your mind still processing and catching up what your eyes had just witnessed.

“As local illusionists, 2015 is a monumental year for the nation as we mark SG50. It is the perfect time not only to celebrate with the rest of Singapore, but more importantly to showcase the best of Singapore talent, which is what this event is all about!” said Lawrence.

In keeping with all things Singapore, the event was also proud to partner Jeremy Pei to launch his inaugural book ‘Personal Magic Shopper: Confessions of a Magic Muse” - a collection of his personal musings and thoughts. A personal memoir of sorts, Jeremy weaves his journey as one of Singapore’s most successful magicians with his various strategies and approaches to the selling of magic to both magicians as well as the lay public. 

And of course, who can forget the props, gadgets and quirky things that always come with such event. This time however, things were given a little Sotheby’s twist with an auction style sale for 50 magic items.

If this Magic Warehouse was an indication of future gatherings on the new horizon, let’s just say…we just can’t wait.