VISION Press Conference in Shanghai

18 July, 2014

As part of its strategic initiative to expand their footprint and influence in China, Gateway Entertainment (GE), staged a press conference cum magic performance in Shanghai to promote VISION’s unprecedented debut in China this October. Held at the Qianshuiwan  Little Theatre and headlined by Lawrence and Priscilla Khong, the event was hosted by GE’s Deputy CEO Jonathan Ow and Dr Nina Khong, GE’s Executive Producer. 

Prompting the theme ‘Defying Gravity’, this highly anticipated event was attended by more than 80 journalists who were eager to get a first-hand encounter with Singapore’s very own award winning father & daughter illusionists, while being treated to a mesmerizing repertoire of illusions. Adding to the magical mystery of the event by defying logic and gravity were the Space Ghost and the Voikos Levitation illusions that further enforced the event’s theme of making the impossible…possible – much to the delight of the audience. 

Needless the say, the magical atmosphere and mood was at its peak by the time the illusionists presented the mind-boggling Losander floating table illusion and the quirky “Op Art” to the mesmerised guests. Besides driving publicity for VISION’s showcase October, the event and repertoire of illusions served as a herald to seed interest and top of mind recall in an aggressive Arts & Entertainment market - hungry for world class entertainment. 

Preparing for guests arrival at the Qianshuiwan Little Theatre

Guests arrival at the Little Theatre

VISION autograph wall to welcome the guests

Our Singapore supporter in Shanghai. From left to right: Kok Leong, Jonathan & Eric

Wishing VISION all the success in Shanghai

Last minute touch up before show

Friends from all over, including Keiko Arita from Japan!

Puzzling the crowd with Op Art.

Priscilla invites our host, Zhang Ming to levitate a table with her.

Up close…no gimmick.

The reporters all getting curious and wanting to get a shot.

Lawrence performs the levitation with Priscilla.

The audiences were amazed.

Officially, VISION will be on China Tour

Celebrating the success of VISION press conference in Shanghai. From left to right: Priscilla, Nina and Lawrence Khong

Post conference interviews by various reporters

A successful press conference with the assistances of our China friends. From left to right, Zhou Ming Hang, Liu Peng, Priscilla, Nina, Lawrence and Jonathan.