VISION’s Inaugural Premiere In Shanghai

12 October, 2014

Event Report (Day 1)

VISION, a $2 million world-class theatre masterpiece that took Singapore by storm docked at the shores of China’s largest cosmopolitan city – Shanghai – this October. Produced by Gateway Entertainment Pte Ltd, in collaboration with Asia United Broadcasting Limited and Shanghai International Culture Exchange Association, this unique illusion-theatre production is helmed by Elite Diamond Merlin Award illusionists, Lawrence and Priscilla Khong. Coupled with the biggest and brightest talents in the industry, it is no wonder VISION made the headlines in China, even before its awaited debut.

Scoring over 16,000 ticket sales in Singapore back in 2011, VISION features bigger and better world-class illusions with massive sets and gigantic props that required a total of five 40-foot containers to ship them from Gateway Entertainment’s head office in Singapore to Shanghai.

The production is hosted at the Shanghai Culture Square, a new state-of-the-art theatre facility birthed in 2011, where other world-renowned productions like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom Of The Opera and Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake are also being featured.

Being a rare illusion-theatre production that is entertaining, and at the same time, educational and informative, VISION drew in crowds of all ages, from media and industry professionals to families with young children. Portraying the heartfelt tale about love, family ties and family values, the production reminded fathers that it is important to place family first.

“VISION was an amazing production. It ingeniously combined the best of theatre and illusion, which is no easy feat,” gushed Ms Zhu of Shanghai's magic association.

VISION’s debut in China not only testifies of this production’s world-class standard, but also officially marks our very own father-daughter duo’s next defining chapter as award winning illusionists in the global arts and entertainment landscape.

As Lawrence once said, “We set out to create a show that is the first of its kind – not just in Singapore but in the world.” With VISION’s breakthrough into China this year, we can proudly say that this is one goal that has truly been realised.