Theatre Productions

For over a decade, Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla has been captivating audiences with its unique brand of theatre magic. Melding extraordinary illusions with memorable stories and compelling theatre, the productions of Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla have captivated a global audience across cities in China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States. 

A few Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla milestone productions:

The Nutcracker (2017)

Gateway Entertainment, in partnership with P’ART 1 Design Pte Ltd. Bring you a brand new illusion show, The Nutcracker.

This unconventional magic presentation is a non-stop roller-coaster, brimming with music, a 10-member strong dance ensemble, visually stunning LED display, and of course breath-taking MAGIC!

Magic helps guide the story along, evoking emotions of awe and wonder. The Nutcracker challenges traditional magic performances by bringing the magic to life with visuals, sounds, touch, and even taste!

This performance is the first of its kind, combining world-class illusions, state-of-the-art technology, and classical music with a modern twist. The Nutcracker is truly a spectacular magic sensory adventure for all ages!

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VISION (2013)

A creation that began with a simple desire to incorporate the complexities and grandeur of stage theatre into their repertoire of illusions, the genre is an extraordinary mix of illusion theatre - tightly woven together in an elaborate storyline. And unlike traditional magic presentations that can exist as a silo act, this unique collaboration between the two art forms sees the storyline driving the repertoire and type of illusions- a challenging and sometimes difficult track that Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla have excelled through their elaborate productions, including their latest mega offering, VISION.

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Easter Magic (2013)
Easter Magic @ MAX Pavilion @ Singapore EXPO

On 22 & 23 March 2013, world-renowned Elite Diamond Merlin Award magicians Lawrence Khong and his daughter, Priscilla, returned to The MAX Pavilion @ Singapore EXPO for Easter Magic: an awe-inspiring theatre illusion rendition of the meaning of Easter, told through a seamless tapestry of world class magic, music and dance.

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VISION (2011 - to date)

Lawrence and Priscilla are trapped in an alternate dimension where the only way back to the real world is to use the thing they know best - magic. VISION takes the audience on a spectacular magical adventure to wonderful and whimsical worlds. This mega production features never-before-seen illusions conceptualised specially for the show by Don Wayne, the principal magic creator and director for David Copperfield. VISION has been seen by over 16,000 during its successful sold-out run in Singapore. 

VISION was more than just a magic show." 
Red Dot Magic
The production is impressive... the dramatic show starts off with a bang, shimmies into nostalgia, and dives headlong into the psyche."

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Christmas Magic (2010 - to date)

Christmas Magic is a heartwarming Christmas tale that takes the audience on a journey of faith, hope and love in company with familiar faces such as Raggedy Ann and the Toy Soldier. Christmas Magic delighted an audience of 18,000 in Singapore.

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The Spook Show (2004 - to date) 

The Spook Show is the ultimate in edge-of-your-seat, goosebumps-raising magic extravaganza. Starring zombies, ghouls and ghosts, it is packed with spine-chilling acts such as 'The Spirit Chamber', where Priscilla is tied and nailed to a chair while apparitions float above her. 

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MAGICBOX is one of Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla's most successful productions. This heartwarming tale of love and family values centres on a young magician's rejection and betrayal of her magician father and her ultimate redemption. Giants in the field of magic such as Jim Steinmeyer (credited for defining illusions for David Copperfield), Joanie Spina (former principal performer, choreographer, and artistic consultant to David Copperfield) and John Thomson (former consultant for MindFreak) created for MAGICBOX death-defying illusions such as the Blades of Death, Spikes of Doom and the enchanting Snow Storm act where bits of torn paper are magically transformed into a snowstorm onstage. 

Khong family melds magic with theatre"
The Business Times, 27 July 2008

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Magic Of Love (2001-2007)

This extraordinary debut production of Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla has played to a global audience of more than 200,000. Magic of Love revolves around how the lure of fame nearly destroys the bond between a father-and-daughter team of magicians. The production brings together some of the world's most highly sought-after magic consultants and creative talents, and features acts such the Table of Terror, where Lawrence escapes 200 pounds of solid steel spikes while chained to a table. 

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From Illusion to Reality (2000)

The journey of life is often fraught with dangers and temptations. This magical presentation is a story of a teenager's struggles to find true freedom and joy.

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