The Spook Show (2004 and 2005, Singapore run)

The Spook Show is an encounter, not a show. 

The show opens with a ghoul pushing her arm in front of the audience and proceeding to stick pins into it. On stage with her is a rotting custodian, supporting his carcass on a broom, a wailing woman with the bloodstained pajamas (she's a restless ghost who died in childbirth), the undead prostitute looking for fresh clients, and the Frankenstein zombie lurching around, and into, the audience. With everything happening live, on stage, the production achieves a fear quotient that puts horror movies in the shade. 

The spine-chilling acts include 'The Spirit Chamber', where Priscilla is tied and nailed to a chair while apparitions float above her. Playing on the audience's wildest imagination and deepest fears, this haunting magic production captivated over 40,000 theatregoers.