Project SMILE in China (Qian Qian Shou)

Qian Qian Shou ('Thousand Linking Hands') was created in 2005 with the coming together of TOUCH Community Services International, Shanghai Hua Ai Community Service Management and Shanghai LeQun Social Work Service. 

It was founded with a vision to see 1,000 pairs of hands linking up to serve the needy and disadvantaged in various parts of China. The idea behind it was to engage and develop youth in the areas of leadership and volunteerism and expose them to cultures other than their own. 

What started out as a dream in Shanghai has since grown beyond the walls of the city to include various cities in China and various Chinese partners. Over the last seven years, the project has worked hand in hand with a wide spectrum of Chinese partners including Northwestern University of Xi'An and Chengdu University of Informational Technology to organise charity magic shows in several parts of China. The money raised goes to benefit the needy in China. 

Each year, hundreds of participants from China join an intensive three-day camp where they learn magic tricks and how to identify the needs of a community. 

The year 2012 marks the 7th edition of Qian Qian Shou in China. Since it first began, more than 700 over participants have been part of Qian Qian Shou. And it has proved to be a powerful tool that empowers young people with a skill, and that bridges, connects and engages youths from Singapore and China. Gateway Entertainment continues to work towards fulfilling the dream of seeing 1,000 hands coming together to serve.