Lawrence And Priscilla's World of Magic (Hollywood)

The creators of Criss Angel and David Copperfield partnered Gateway Entertainment to produce World of Magic, which showcases mind-blowing illusions, daredevil stunts and amazingly skilled up-close sleight of hand from different countries. 

The magic special featuring Derek DelGaudio, who was named Close-up Magician of the Yearin 2012, and Christopher Hart as guest artistes was filmed in 2009. 

Emmy Award winner Mark Mardoyan teamed up with Hollywood producer Frankie Glass to produce the one-hour magic extravaganza. Three consultants to Criss Angel and David Copperfield - John Thompson, famed mentalist Banachek and Jim Steinmeyer ¨C served as consultants for the series. 

Release info
Lawrence and Priscilla's World of Magic was aired onboard Garuda Indonesia, the official Indonesia air carrier, as an inflight entertainment in September 2010 for six months.

- MediaCorp Channel 5 bought the rights to broadcast the show and it was screened on 9 August and 16 November 2011.

- Xinya Azio, part of Xinya Satellite TV, bought the rights to broadcast the show on their paid channel in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In Singapore, the show was aired over MioTV on 28 January 2012

- Creation TV, Hong Kong bought the rights to broadcast the show on its paid web channel and the show was aired on 29 January and 1 and 4 February 2012.