Miracle Pub

This five-part series tells of the lives and struggles of a group of ex-convicts. Rejected by society, the former convicts find acceptance and a second chance at Miracle Pub.

Release info
- Miracle Pub series were screened on MediaCorp Channel 8 in 2002.
- The show was released on VCD in the same year and distributed by Gateway Entertainment. 

Miracle Pub: Addiction

Xing has been in and out of prison since he was 14. Everyone has given up on him. His friends, the police and social workers believe he will die in prison. But despite having her heart broken many times, his mother continues to have faith in him. With patience and persistence, the owner of Miracle Pub finally makes Xing realise how much his mother loves him. And he is transformed.

Miracle Pub: The Fighter

After being released from jail for manslaughter, Keong starts life anew. He works hard at Miracle Pub and at home, he tries to make up for lost time with his son Kai. Then Keong is asked to settle a debt for his former gangster boss. Will he go back to his old ways?

Miracle Pub: Blind Love

Ex-convict Iron is determined to make the most of his second chance at life. Encouraged by Lyn, the blind girl who loves him, Iron works hard at Miracle Pub. But an old friend keeps trying to lure him back into the drug peddling game. To protect Iron, Lyn takes matters into her own hands. Will she get into trouble? 

Miracle Pub: Letting Go

Prostitute Juan is jailed for 10 years for accidentally killing a perverted client. Now released from jail, all she wants is to serve up vengeance on her ex-boyfriend, Wei, who forced her to serve that client. However Wei is no longer who he used to be.  

Miracle Pub: Loving the Enemy

Long has been the head of a gang all his life. Having done his time, he is determined to change his ways. Long seeks help from his good friend, 988, at Miracle Pub. But Long is the murderer who killed the brother of 988's assistant many years ago. Will the assistant help his enemy or will he seek revenge?