Time for Hope

Time for Hope is a collection of four series of inspirational dramas addressing the different struggles individuals face throughout life.

Release info
- All four series of Time For Hope were commissioned in 2004 by GoodTV in Taiwan and aired on GoodTV since 2004 to date.
- The series were released to the Singapore Churches for local screenings in 2004 
- The series was and aired on Hong Kong's Creation TV since 2008 to date.

TIME FOR HOPE - Getting Out of Life's Tricky Situations

Know Your True Identity

We wear many hats in life and take on different roles in different situations. What is your primary identity, and is that who you really are? When the storm comes, you will know if your life is truly anchored.

Why It Helps To Be Nice To Your Family

Unfair comments unleashed on family members and pent-up anger or frustrations taken out on family members can shatter the peace and harmony within the family. So how does a family stay loving?

When It's Okay To Tell Your Parents

Home is often a haven away from the trials and tribulations of life. But when shame, guilt or lack of trust gets in the way, some children choose to hide their troubles from their family. 

Finding Your Direction In Life

Feel lost in life? Faith can move mountains, as long as it is placed in the right place.