Twilight Kitchen

Former convict Man Zhi Hao (Zhang Wen Xiang) plans to start life afresh after his release with the help of the culinary certificate he earned while behind bars. However, reality hits home when he finds himself a lowly kitchen help at restaurant, Twilight Kitchen. He even ends up being assigned to tend to Min (Moses Lim), formerly proud owner and Master Chef of Twilight Kitchen, now a wheelchair-bound invalid abandoned by his family. As the two develop a friendship, the former maestro chef decides to impart his extraordinary skills to Zhi Hao. But will Zhi Hao master it all in time to save Twilight Kitchen? This simple, luminous story about family and relationships was developed and produced in partnership with the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprise (SCORE) 

Release info
- Twilight Kitchen was released in July 2003. It was screened at two Singapore cinemas where it was a box office hit. It registered as the number one box office hit for a non-English language movie in Singapore for the week, and remained among the top eight Chinese box office hits in Singapore for the week of 21-27 July. - It has also been screened on television in Singapore and Mauritius.