Celebration of Life – Bangkok


For the first time ever, Gateway Entertainment brought our new-and improved show, Celebration of Life, to Thailand this year. After 2 years of delay due to the passing of His Royal Highness, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2016 and the subsequent death anniversary commemoration in 2017, Celebration of Life performed at the MCC Hall in The Mall Bangkapi in the capital city, Bangkok. Akin to a convention center such as Suntec City, MCC Hall is a convention hall integrated into a modern shopping complex, with many amenities conveniently located in the same building, including a cinema, restaurants, and shopping boutiques. Over three days, the crew set up the stage, lights, sets and props required for the show, rigging and testing equipment, and getting ready for final rehearsals.

True to its nickname, Thailand was indeed a land of smiles. The locals with whom we worked were good-natured and pleasant, always eager to extend a helping hand and a smile, even when working late into night. Their light spirits made for a positive working atmosphere that kept morale up for the crew despite the hard work and long hours. Needless to say, their professionalism and strong work ethic made working together smooth, efficient and enjoyable. 

Once all the equipment had been set up, two days of rehearsals followed. There was much to be done—not only did the cast have to rehearse their performance, but the lighting, sound and stage crews also had many technical cues to set, rehearse, and perfect. As is the custom for the show, there were also 20 local children that would appear out of a giant present in a grand appearance trick, and time was set aside to familiarize the children with the trick and their routine. The children were a joy to work with and a delight to watch! They knew their roles and their choreography well, and were all ready to take the stage and wow the audience.

Despite a few setbacks, including having a few crew members fall sick, the show was finally ready to open. The opening show was a success, selling more than 80% of the house and seeing more than 1000 in attendance. The show went on without a hitch, with the magic executed flawlessly and the dancers performing with brilliant energy and grace. The children performed their appearance and dance number beautifully, to cheers and adoring applause from the audience. The matinee and closing night show did even better than the opening show, selling out all 1760 seats completely.

In all, Celebration of Life’s Bangkok run was a resounding success, and marked a propitious start of the 2018 tour. Here’s looking forward to an even better run in China, and a great end to 2018.