Celebration of Life – Shenzhen, China


The residents of Shenzhen, China are no stranger to Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla. Returning to the city for the 2nd time in 2 years, Gateway Entertainment brought a bigger, improved performance this time—Celebration of Life—which took up residence in the Nanshan Sport and Cultural Centre Theatre. With a seating capacity of 1,325, the venue is fully equipped with advanced audio, lighting and staging equipment, and is perfectly suited for concerts, plays, dance performances, and even a touring magic show. 

This leg of the tour started on shaky footing, with some members of the crew falling ill—the Stage Manager herself had to delay her trip because of a sudden viral attack. Thankfully—and miraculously—she recovered quickly and was well enough to travel and join the team in Shenzhen in time to begin rehearsals. The entire team was spectacular here, coming together and helping to cover duties whenever someone was unwell, and going beyond the scope of their work to pitch in and help where they could to get the show ready.

The show’s opening was a resounding success, selling out all 1325 tickets and receiving warm and boisterous reactions from the audience throughout the show. The post-show meet-and-greet was also tell-tale of the audience’s reception of the show, with a long line forming for a chance to get a picture with and an autograph from the artistes, Lawrence and Priscilla. The shows maintained their strong showing, with the remaining shows selling most of the house, and inspiring symphonies of oohs and aahs with each trick.  A crowd favourite was the Lightbulb Illusion, in which a giant lightbulb magically disappears and reappears across the stage as the magician tells a story about light, both literal and proverbial. The audience listened intently as it was performed, many nodding in agreement to salient points of the story and gasping in disbelief at the tricks.

As the curtains fell on the final show, it marked not just the end of a fruitful touring season, but also of a great year. Aside from performing to an audience that left well-entertained, the tours also allowed the team to meet potential partners and promoters, many of whom supported the show and were impressed by it. Next year’s tour is already in the pipeline, and, we believe, will be an even greater success. In the meantime, have a merry Christmas, and a happy 2019.