Lawrence and Priscilla Khong brings unique blend of magic and theatre to Asia


22 January 2014 - Elite Diamond Merlin Award magicians, Lawrence and Priscilla Khong, recently toured Asia's top cosmopolitan hubs, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In less than 30 days, Singapore's renowned father-daughter illusionist duo performed 10 showings of "Christmas Magic" in Hong Kong and various parts of Taiwan.

"Being an influence and ambassador of Singapore's Arts and Entertainment landscape has always been our goal. Bringing 'Christmas Magic' to Hong Kong and Taiwan is our first step is sharing our unique blend of magic internationally," shared Lawrence Khong, Master Illusionist and Founding Chairman of Gateway Entertainment.

"Christmas Magic" is the very first production Gateway Entertainment, ambassador of Singapore's Arts and Entertainment landscape, brought to Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is an illusion-theatre spectacle that flawlessly combines magic, music, drama and dance.

"Christmas Magic" was well received by both the public and media. It was broadcasted 'live' on Creation TV in Hong Kong and streamed 'live' on a programme in Taiwan. Celebrities spotted at the 10 fully sold-out shows included Hong Kong actress, Nancy Sit, Taiwanese celebrities, Sharon Lee and Wells Chin, as well as jeweller and former international model, Kimmi Lai.

"I simply loved the show! The production was wonderful and I'm very happy such an incredible show with a wonderful message came to Hong Kong!" commented Hong Kong actress, Nancy Sit.

Among the many illusions Lawrence and Priscilla performed, crowd-favourites include the death-defying "Fire Spiker" which involves firing flaming arrows, "Clearly Impossible" which involves sawing a person in half and "Double Levitation" which speaks for itself.

Local producer, Felina Khong, and world-famous choreographer, Lisa Keegan, produced "Christmas Magic" such that each illusion has its own unique signature choreographed move and sequence. It has to be executed perfectly and in union by the magicians and dancers. Lawrence and Priscilla executed each illusion perfectly and in union with the dancers, presenting an elaborate and eye-opening experience for many.