The Message of Faith Hope and Love comes to China


This past December, Gateway Productions headed to China to debut Christmas Magic in the cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan. It was an incredible experience for both cast and crew where we had the privilege to bring the Christmas message of faith, hope and love to these cities in a unique and memorable way. Christmas Magic’s debut in China is the first project under Gateway Entertainment’s recent joint-venture collaboration with Juooo Theatre Management Pte Ltd that will enable us to bring our productions to even more cities in China. Besides taking point for finding the right venue to stage the production, Juooo lead the charge for driving publicity and hype for this magic spectacle in all three cities.

As its first outing was a commercially ticketed show, Christmas Magic was well received in all three cities and close to 6,000 tickets in total. Regardless of language culture and age, there’s no denying magic’s universal appeal and the shows packed the halls with curious and enthusiastic audiences – especially in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The festive mood and buzz of the event was kept at fever pitch by the crowds weren’t shy to vocalise and show their approval throughout the performance. And to everyone’s delight, we had an abundance of eager volunteers for the show’s infamous ‘Head Chopper’ illusion that brought out the most laughs and screams! Topping things off, both Lawrence and Priscilla received the red carpet treatment at the post show meet-and-greet, were crowds literally clamored to get a picture and an opportunity to see them up close and in person.  

The show also received nods of approval from our business partners who felt the show unique presentation and stagecraft stood out among the rest of the other shows staged in China. More importantly, they found Christmas Magic’s overall message had strong mass appeal, and were keen to bring the show back at the end of this year to give it greater exposure and further tap on its potential.

Christmas Magic has come a long way since its debut in December 2010, and has evolved to become a commercially viable product that Gateway Entertainment is proud of, and is worthy to be showcased on the international stage. Touring three Chinese cities and bringing the message of faith, hope and love through this flagship production is a new milestone for the company, and we look forward to bringing it to even more cities in China, and also to Thailand in October this year.