VISION: The Making Of A Masterpiece


Event Report (Day 3)

As the saying goes, “behind every successful man is a great woman”. Likewise, behind the splendor and grandeur of an intricate masterpiece is a team that toils wholeheartedly. In order to support Lawrence and Priscilla present the wonder of VISION to China, a dedicated troupe devoted themselves to the planning and preparation of this mega illusion-theatre spectacle that spanned over a year to perfect.

It is unthinkable that VISION’s massive set-up at the Shanghai Culture Square could be completed within four short days; but the impossible was made possible thanks to an all-star troupe led by Executive Producer, Nina Khong, together with Producer Felina Khong, well supported by Writer/Director Samantha Scott-Blackhall, Music Composer Kenn C, Choreographer Lisa Keegan as well as Lighting Designer Nick Ho and countless other unsung heroes, VISION accomplished a successful five-day run at the Shanghai Culture Square.

With this magnificent achievement under their belt, many would agree that Master Illusionists Lawrence and Priscilla Khong have redefined the word “VISION”. It is no longer just “the act or power of seeing” as the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines. Instead, it is where 'seeing… is just the beginning'.

The spell binding illusions, death defying acts, exquisite choreography with amazing dancing and enchanting storyline baffled and mesmerised audiences who came from various parts of China. From a flashy sports car to an international troupe of 15 dancers and over 100 costumes, VISION delivered an unprecedented visual experience. Set in various fantasy worlds, all artistically presented through jaw-dropping sets and some of the largest props in Asia, VISION’s stage constantly evolved to seamlessly blend the illusions with the storyline – from a tiny cosy bedroom with a real-life dancing ballerina on a music box to a spectacular re-creation of Singapore's Joo Chiat estate back in the 1950s. Each VISION set was crafted with the right visual impact to draw the audience into VISION’s worlds.

The performance finally culminated with the crowd-favourite Double Levitation illusion that drew gasps of incredulous wonder from the audience as both Lawrence and Priscilla floated up to an astonishing height of six metres. As the curtain fell and the cast came onstage for a final bow, they were greeted with unending applause from an audience that was utterly marvelled and agape at the never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind world-class production they had just witnessed.

"It's exciting. It's fast-paced. It's got everything. It's a family show with a nice message as well," said VISION's choreographer extraordinaire Lisa Keegan. Echoing her thoughts were the enthralled spectators whom we spoke with after the show.

Fred and Jing said, "It was our first time seeing a magic performance that combines illusion and theatre. We will definitely recommend VISION to our family and friends!"

Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Wong expressed, "VISION was amazing. It was unbelievable how Lawrence and Priscilla magically switched places in a split second."

"VISION was fabulous! It perfectly showcased life's experiences through the relationship between father and daughter," asserted Alexandra, a gospel singer from Taiwan.

Indeed, for many like them, the wondrous magic that they witnessed in person was beyond anything they could ever fathom!